Evolution of Payments and Challenges for Merchants

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As consumers continue to adopt new payments methods, we sat down with Virginie Waroquiers, our International Director – Commercial Acquiring, to discuss the inherent challenges from the merchants’ perspective.


Consumption behaviors are changing


One of the most radical changes that merchants, small and large, are facing is that consumers no longer make their purchases solely in physical stores. On the contrary, they have a tendency to shop online from their home or work computer and, more and more frequently, from their mobile phones anywhere and at any time of the day. Additionally, consumers are not loyal anymore. They switch channels, going from brick-and-mortar to online and back, and from one merchant to another.


What can merchants do


We asked Virginie how merchants could navigate this new landscape. Her answer was three-fold:

  • Small merchants clearly need to have webshops but this can prove too complex for them and very expensive. In addition, they cannot match larger companies’ loyalty schemes and they do not benefit from marketing teams. Worldline’s electronic and mobile commerce solutions will help them deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • Large merchants need to closely monitor and adopt these evolutions at the lowest costs available. Additionally, they need suppliers with enough scale to enable these low prices. With Worldline’s scale and expertise in new payment methods, these merchants can make these changes effortlessly.
  •  Large corporate retailers already have a heavy cash register infrastructure and need to adapt to the needs of consumers who want to be able to pay with their mobile phones both outside and inside their shops. These retailers will need to link both environments without big and costly changes to their infrastructures and Worldline can support them in this endeavor with our exhaustive line of terminals and suite of software solutions.


And the banks in all that


Historically, merchants and banks have had a strong bound related to payments but the traditional scope of banks’ payment services is no longer enough in this evolving market. Payment-related value added services are necessary and banks need industrial partners, like Worldline, to provide the right scope, specialization and focus to better serve merchants in these new markets.



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Virginie Waroquier

Virginie Waroquiers



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