Make Up In New York 2015


Worldline  is speaking at Make Up in New York 2015


September 10th 2015
New York, USA


Worldline  is speaking at Make Up in New York 2015

Worldline will speak at the unique BtoB Make Up event in North America, Thursday September 10th at 11AM.

During the round table, Julien Decoster, Digital Transformation Consultant, will present how Digital becomes a key component for physical stores and how Worldline accompanies merchants in their digital transformation.


11:00am – 12:30pm:

The Digital Revolution and its impact on the beauty industry

With the participation of: Julien Decoster, Business Development Manager, Worldline; Matthieu Bourgeois, Lawyer, firm KGA.


Date and venue

September 10th at 11AM


Penn Plaza Pavilion

New York City


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Make Up in New York

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