NRF 2016

NRF 2016


Atos and Worldline to energize your commerce!


Drawing on 40 years of experience, present in 72 countries with 95,000 employees, Atos and Worldline offer a unique combination of digital and transactional expertise to boost sales and increase customer experience.  As European leaders and major global players, Atos and Worldline cover the full value chain of retailers and merchants through a complete approach, delivering a real digital journey to you and your customers.


Atos and Worldline energize commerce bringing all channels together through real-time data, integrated technologies and payments, all this in a progressive way drawing technologies from your legacy system to deliver and shape the solution your company needs.

Take benefit from Atos and Worldline digital disruption enablers: WL Merchant Wallet and WL Digital Platform, as well as innovative digital solutions making you more responsive than ever, providing the ultimate shopping experience.

Visit us on booth #531.

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