Connected vehicles 2015



Connected vehicles have become digital hubs paving the way for innovative B2B2C business models and strategic alliances between traditional automotive players and new market entrants: OEMs1, tier-1 suppliers, telecoms, insurers, GAFAMS*, IT firms…they are all looking to extract value from vehicles' data.


What will this new ecosystem look like? How does it impact your Business Model? Comfort, Security, Infotainment: What does your customer value most?


To what extent will the 2014 Cybersecurity Directive and the upcoming Data Protection Regulation protect drivers from data hacking and tracking without authorization?


What will be the impact of the embedded eCall system mandatory in all vehicles sold in Europe as of March 2018?


Dii, in partnership with Worldline, is pleased to present
the 2nd international conference:
« Connected Vehicles 2015 », on June 19th, 2015 in Paris


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Do not miss this exclusive event that will gather key industry and policy stakeholders from EUROPEAN COMMISSION, VOLKSWAGEN, VODAFONE, CONTINENTAL, NISSAN…


OEMs*: Original Equipment Manufacturers - 2. GAFAMS**: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung

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