18 - 20 March 2014


Worldline will showcase its expertise at booth A12 during the Innorobo trade show.


Connected Living solutions provides a unique combination of IoE Services Delivery platform and payment process together with a Business Partners services monetisation.


Our goal is to federate Value-add services from a large ecosystem of best in class providers sharing the same secured access to a Connected Object, through our platform Connected Living, delivered in a SaaS model.


Worldline Connected Living Enabler Improves IoE applications Time-to-market, Reduces complexity, Lowers costs of operations and allows Future-proofs investment, growing with your business.


Worldline focuses on the user experience, which is a differentating strategic approach for its clients. Worldline’s Connected Living provides innovative solutions and business models that are suitable for:

  • Connected Vehicle (Cars & Trucks)
  • Connected Home
  • Connected City & Infrastructures
  • Connected Health


Our demonstrations live:

Brand in Kitchen

Thanks to the revolution of connected objects, Worldline has created Brand in Kitchen, a magnet connected to retailers’ mobile applications. Brand in Kitchen enables users to scan their everyday products and complete their electronic shopping lists in real time.


Brand in Kitchen is the new new-generation loyalty development tool that makes it possible to connect your shopping list to the e-commerce site of your favourite supermarket.


Control our robot yourself!

Start a teleconference with Awabot’s robot from the Worldline booth.


In partnership with Awabot, Worldline will showcase a telepresence solution via a robot. From a website, you will be able to control our robot and view what will be around it through the connected camera.


Our robot is waiting for you; we invite you to come and test it.


Somfy and Worldline, two players involved in connected home services «As part of the Innorobo 2014 trade show, two industiral leaders, Worldline — a major player in the field of «new-generation» connected services for electric household appliances, the automotive industry and smart metering — and SOMFY — the leader in connected home devices — are working together to open the doors of the connected home to the promising ecosystem of service robotics.


By integrating their tried and tested solutions, SOMFY’s Box/Tahoma and Worldline Connected Living, both companies take advantage of their respective expertise to help build new robotic services to make homes more and more comfortable.»


A demo showcasing these new services is available at our booth.


Press Kit (version anglaise - version française)



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