Nordic MCP 2015

Nordic MCP 2015


Mobile Commerce & Payment

January 21st - 22nd January 2015
Stockholm, Sweden


“I believe that Mobile is no longer just one of many mediums in which you can reach consumers as a point of marketing or sales, it is fast becoming the primary source. Improvements in security and the emergence of biometric authentication mean mobile payments and banking is here now” says Copperberg  project director Stephen Brogarth.


At Worldline, we are also convinced that the mobile is essential for successful commerce and secure payment transactions. As usual, new technologies create new uses and behavior, which in turn generate new opportunities and risks. During this conference, we will share our vision about how the mobile can enhance the consumer shopping experience and merchant business, and we will highlight different ways of transforming these challenges into growth opportunities for merchants and banks alike.


Watch our Worldline Wallet video, which shows various cases of use of the universal digital wallet.


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