18 March 2014
Paris, Palais Brongniart


Worldline will take part in the UniverSwiftNet event, dedicated to the technological aspects of the relationship between banks and big companies.


Treasurers, bankers, and service providers will come together on plenary sessions and workshops, around three main subjects:

  • SEPA Phase 2: After the adoption of credit transfers and direct debits in euro area, SEPA phase 2 will discuss the next steps of the Single Euro Payments Area initiative.
  • International Payments: How to take advantage of the SEPA investments (automation, standardization etc…), in order to improve productivity and quality of international payments.
  • EMIR: The impacts regarding the exchange of information between banks and their customers.

Meet our eSEPA experts!

In partnership with EBA Clearing, Worldline offers participants the opportunity to discover its MyBank routing and validation services. Based on the new European Credit Transfer and Direct Debit, MyBank facilitates and secures online payments.


Worldline also lead a workshop

12:00 - 12:30 : SEPA Direct debit: new opportunities in the European electronic money order. Anime in partnership with EBA Clearing.

Speakers: Sylvie Calsacy, product manager Worldline and Cyril Dougier, business development MyBank.


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