Worldline receives NF Logiciel certification for its "Digital Safe Component"

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Worldline receives NF Logiciel certification for its "Digital Safe Component"

Paris, 26 November 2014

Worldline [Euronext:WLN],  European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, is the first multinational to receive NF Logiciel certification for its "Digital Safe Component”. Worldline's digital eSafe solution has an extra feature to offer users the best possible security, integrity and quality for preservation of their digital data.

AFNOR NF Z 42-020 is the first standard of its kind in France. It targets companies offering a secure storage service, and describes the functional specifications for a component used to preserve digital data in conditions that will guarantee integrity over time.

For corporate entities, transition to a digital setup is an essential step to reduce costs, boost operational efficiency and offer simpler services available to users at any time, thereby enhancing loyalty and ultimately creating more revenue. The Worldline eSafe solution is the cornerstone of this process, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of data stored in France in a private Cloud to facilitate exchanges between companies and their customers, governments and the public at large.

"Reassuring our banking customers, always eager to offer their own customers the highest levels of quality in terms of e-safe offers, is a Worldline must. Other sectors are now thinking of offering this kind of service to their subscribers - telecommunications operators, or governments to the general public. As a European organization with widespread recognition on the market, we simply had to get this label", says Christophe Duquenne, Chief Technology Officer at Worldline.

"The Digital Safe Component's NF Logiciel certification officially demonstrates compliance with the AFNOR NF Z42-020 standard. The new NF software application comes in response to calls from software publishers such as Worldline, making an active contribution to the creation and development of the label", claims Jean-Louis Michel, President of INFOCERT.

Acknowledged expertise in archiving data and digital documents

Already certified as a Trusted Third Party and an Archiving Third Party, Worldline develops and sells trusted international services that now preserve 400 million probatory archives. The services are used by major French public institutions in France as part of the state modernisation process, and by many private-sector companies to preserve electronic invoices in B2B mode for customers in more than 20 European countries, North America and certain Asia-Pacific countries. In Belgium, Worldline hosts the Doccle platform, the first centralised online digital solution giving end users a unified user-friendly way of preserving and using documents from their partners. In Austria, since the year 2000 Worldline has supplied and hosted the cyberDOC solution for long-term preservation of the legal quality of notary deeds.

About Worldline

Worldline [Euronext:WLN] is the European leader and a global player in the payments and transactional services industry. Worldline delivers new-generation services, enabling its customers to offer smooth and innovative solutions to the end consumer. Key actor for B2B2C industries, with 40 years of experience, Worldline supports and contributes to the success of all businesses and administrative services in a perpetually evolving market. Worldline offers a unique and flexible business model built around a global and growing portfolio, thus enabling end-to-end support. Worldline activities are organised around three axes: Merchant Services & Terminals, Mobility & e-Transactional Services, Financial Processing Services & Software Licensing. Worldline employs more than 7,200 people worldwide and generated 1.12 billion euros revenues (pro forma) in 2013. Worldline is an Atos company.

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